Anasayfa / Cuma İçten CV English

Cuma İçten CV English

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CV of Mr. Cuma İÇTEN

Mr. İÇTEN was born in Diyarbakır in 1973 and he is married and he has four children.  He was selected as the 24th term Diyarbakır parliamentarian in the election realised in June 12, 2011. At the same time he has been realising the Deputy head of policy and Law affairs and he is the member of commissions of internal affairs and national security affairs. Medeniyet stratejik düşünce haraketini aasociation founded and still presides. He knows English and Kurmanci at middle level and he knows Zaza language at upper level. After completing his primary and secondary education in Diyarbakır, he has graduated from Business administration department of Newport International University of USA. He has completed his master degree on the International Foreign Trade at the same university. He is expert on Education ,Information tecnologies and Finance.


Political Activities:

REFAH Party/Kadıköy Youth Branch (1993–1996)

-Justice and Development PartyFounder Visa President of Eminönü Sub-Province responsible for Marketing and Media  (2001–2003)

İstanbul/ Council membership of Fatih Municipality of Justice and Development Party   (2004–2007)

Justice and Development Party -İstanbul/Deputy of Fatih Sub-Province responsible for local management (2005–2007)

Head of Group of Justice and Development Party  Fatih Sub-Province Municipality (2005–2007)

He became the candidate from Justice and Development Party in the tendency search for the Member of Parliament from Diyarbakır for the 23rd term and he took place in the first 5th rank among 96 candidates in 2007.

He took first rank in the tendency search among 116 candidates for the 24thterm general elections of parliament (2001).

He was selected as the member of parliament from Justice and Development Party as 24th term Diyarbakır representative on the 12nd of June, 2011.

– TBBM He was chosen as the member of internal affairs commission (2011-2015).

Province coordinator of Justice and Development Party (2011-2012)

After the general assembly, he was chosen as the deputy of Policy and Law affairs (Mehmet Ali Şahin) of Headquarters of Justice and Development Party (2013).

He published weekly AK policy bulletin published byPolicy and Law affairs (2014).

– TBMM He was chosen as the member of National Security Commission in (2013 -2015).


* NGO/Organisational Activities:

Deputy Chairman of Fatih Karagümrük  Sport Club and Member of Management Board (2005-2008)

-Medeniyet stratejik düşünce haraketini aasociation founded and still presides (2015)

Founder Deputy President ofHasankeyf Culture and  Solidarity Association (2005–2011)

Deputy President of Cultured Youth Association in Istanbul  (2008–2011)

Deputy President of Humanitarian Aid Association in Diyarbakır (2009-2011)

Istanbul representative ofDiyarbakır Voluntary Bridge Association (2009-2011)

Founder Deputy President of FESIAD Fatih Eminönü Industry and Businessmen (2009-2011) and he holds the highest consultative establishing member of FESIAD (2015) 


DiyarbakırRepresentative of the civilian solidarity platform that has 403 member NGOswhich was founded byTurkish Voluntary Organisation Foundation which ws formed for Democratic expansion (2009-2010).

– Membership of Executive Board of Civilian Solidarity Platform (2010-2011).



Political Academy of Justice and Development Party(2003)

Marmara Municipalities Association Local Management (2007)

– State and Policy Academy ofBeykent University  (2009)

European Union Education Programme organised by Ankara University European Community Research and Implementation Centre and Chamber of Trade of Diyarbakır (2010).

Graduated from Bahçeşehir University History School (2010)

Graduated from Justice and Development Party’s Policy Academy in Diyarbakır as the top student of the province. (2011)

– According to the surveys realised by foundations, associations and universities, he has chosen as the “parliament of year” for 8 times in succession(2011-2014)

He has received lots of awards for his works from the NGOs abroad and from the political organisations. He has received tens of certificates in the fields of Education, Information, Self Improvement and Economy.


* Working life:

He has conducted the Chairmanship of Management Board of Zaza and İçtenshare companies that are family companies and whose centres were in Istanbul (1992-2009).

– He has the founder of İçten College which is an Education college (2005-2011)

He has conducted the Chairmanship of Management Board of Sonn Information Technologies, Data Technologies(2010-2011).
He is engaged in international trade company TURCON TRADEX CEO.(2015)
He is engaged CMA real estate investment consulting CEO (2015)

Working Activities:

Except for legislation activities, he has been giving seminars and conferences on actual topics such as education, information and solution process. He has been participating in the programmes related to the solution process according to the invitation made by each provinces and sub-provinces. In addition to these, he has been submitting papers in the seminars and panels.  He has been writing articlesfor the newspapers and periodicals. His is working on a book namely Daily of the Parliamentarian whose subject filed is the solution process. This study which is currently at draft phase will take phase on the shelves soon.